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If you want to make sure that you are being understood in the province of Quebec it is imperative that the French used is that of the region of Quebec. Outridge Translation Services specializes in French translation services for the Province of Quebec.

Document Types

We are experienced in helping to translate English to French documents for a wide range of uses including: Carmen Outridge-Outridge Translation Services

    • product literature
    • documents
    • letters
    • specifications
    • signage
    • manuals
    • reports
    • web sites
    • data sheets
    • papers
    • brochures
    • catalogues
    • memos
    • instructions
    • packaging
    • birth certificate
    • marriage certificate
    • resumes
    • MSDS labels

Subject Matter

In addition to handling all types of general English / French translations mentioned above, we handle technical and specialized subject matter including:

  • sales, marketing
  • pharmaceuticals
  • medicine, health care
  • chemicals
  • food, agriculture
  • information technology
  • technical specifications
  • accounting, financial
  • automotive, transportation
  • construction, architecture
  • finance, investments
  • cosmetics
  • insurance, banking
  • communications
  • marketing research survey

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French Translation Services – The Way Quebec Expects It!

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