If you are a motorcyclist, you will love the beauty of Quebec.

Recently I was on a small vacation in my home town in Quebec. It was a beautiful long weekend, last one of a very hot Summer and the road was busy with travelers. One of the things I noticed was the amount of Motorcyclists Quebecmotorcycles on the road in the Province. I am not a motorcyclist myself and living in Ontario there are many enthusiasts in my area, but Quebec has always been known as the Province for nice rides.

In my opinion the beauty of Quebec is the real draw for the motoring public. Ontario has some beautiful rides and of course the fame of Port Dover events on every Friday 13th throughout the year, but also holds great traffic issues, large cities, and much more issues that can take away from the beauty of a ride. Quebec also has this same challenges but also has many small towns and country roads.

Quebec has the Charlevoix area, the beauty of Route 112 which goes through my hometown of Thetford Mines Quebec. Even the highways offer open views and amazing mountain scenery. So if you are looking for a place to go on your next road trip whether in car or by motorcycle think of a trip through beautiful Quebec. You won’t be disappointed!

About the Author

Carmen Outridge has been translating documents for the Quebec market for over 30 years. Her translation business Outridge Translation Services (Division of Outridge Enterprises Inc.) translates documents from English to French the way Quebec expects it. To learn more about Outridge Translation Services visit their website at www.outridgetranslation.com

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