Don’t You Wish Language was Like the Olympics?

Some languages are similar in the way you read them and in some sense speak them. Think about French and Spanish, some words are recognizable in Spanish as the spelling and pronunciation are similar to French. As we watch the Olympic events go on in Sochi I find it amazing how so many countries can be in one place, competing and no matter what the sport we all understand the goal and the outcome. If your event is skiing then all languages ski and understand the goal is to get to the bottom of the hill, if you are in figure skating the goal is to get the points needed based on your routine. When you walk through the opening ceremonies you are there being proud of your country no matter what the language you speak, all athletes have the same feeling. So let’s take a lesson from the Olympics and be proud of all languages we come across as people are proud of their countries in the Olympics. The best way to show respect for a Country, Province, or language is to do your best to respect and use that language in its proper form, and that is where proper translation comes in. If dealing with the Quebec market we can help you with that.

About the Author

Carmen Outridge has over 30 years of experience in translation services for the Quebec market. For more information on Outridge Translation Services please visit their website at


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