I’m from here your from there, so what?

When we hear someone is from the Province of Quebec we automatically assume that they can speak French. When meet someone from London England we think that they should have a British accent. In 2014 however that may not be the case anymore. People move around and immigrate to other countries for various reasons, so you shouldn’t assume that someone is able to speak in the language of the region just because they live there.

The same can be said for translation of documents. Many think because someone can speak French that they can translate documents as well and that is untrue. Lately we have been seeing translation done that has been done with a French flare from France. There is nothing wrong with the French of France as it is a beautiful language but some things are said differently in the Province of Quebec. If you are using the document to communicate to staff or for marketing purposes you may be adding a road block to your message that you didn’t realize.translation-blog-header.jpg

If you are looking for translation services look for a company that handles the dialect of the region you are marketing to. There are many companies that translate for many languages and many are European based languages. French would be on their list of translation services but it may be the Parisian French. The same goes that you wouldn’t choose a Quebec company for documents headed for Paris. The French may be French but it may not be the dialect of the region. Focus on the user for your documents and find a translation company that is an expert in that region. This way your message will get the best bang for your buck and be well received.

About the Author

Carmen Outridge is a professional translator with over 30 years of experience and specializing in the language of Quebec. She is the owner of Outridge Translation Services and works out of Ontario Canada. to learn more about Outridge Translation Services visit their website at www.outridgetranslation.com

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