Quebec Homes Were Designed for Winter

Quebec house

Have you ever been to Quebec and noticed the beautiful homes? Oh there are beautiful homes all over the world, but Quebec is known for their unique design. The old designs are a mix of influence from France, England, and the East Coast of Canada. The steep roofs of Quebec have a very steep pitch with a curve at the bottom. These roof designs are becoming less prominent over the years, but you can still view many of them as you travel through the Province.

The design of the roof was based on earlier experience or knowledge, but also played an important part due to the weather of the region. Quebec receives large amounts of snow each winter and heavy rains in the spring. The steep pitch roofs in many cases were made of metal which allowed for the snow and rain to slide off to help keep the roofs free of snow build up. Over the years this has become a distinction of Quebec homes and part of the heritage of the Province.

So the next time you are traveling through the Province of Quebec look out for the steep roof homes. You will see them many times in the smaller towns and they are beautiful and stunning to look at. The red colour was a popular colour with the designs.

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Carmen Outridge has been translating for over 30 years in English and French. She is from the Province of Quebec and understands the communication process for businesses dealing in Quebec. To learn more about Outridge Translation Services or to get a quote on your next project visit their website at

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