Applying to the Quebec market, are you ready?

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The world is getting smaller with the internet and other electronic media. Many positions are opening up in markets across the Country and people are moving around scrambling for the right job or lifestyle. These positions are important and being prepared may be the difference between getting the job of your choice or not. That includes submitting your resume in the correct format and language.

Many may not know that their documents should be in French if applying for a position in Quebec. You may be dealing with a recruiting department that speaks English, but resumes will have to be passed on to other personnel that may not have that great an understanding of the English language.

Impress the recruiting department with this tip!

Being prepared is the first step to a successful opportunity. Prepare your resume in English as you normally would to present for the position. Once you have it set out in English then have it prepared in French as well. Caution do not use an online translator as it translates literally and can change the meaning and sentence structure of the content. Once you have the resumes created in the two languages have them bound together in to one document. If you are printing them off having them in the same folder is fine. If you are presenting them electronically using a program like Adobe PDF can put multiple documents together.

Often people forget about the French part of the process and in dealing with the Province of Quebec all documents need to be in French. Being prepared up front is the best way to show you are serious about the position and are the type of person that is prepared and organized.

About the Author

Carmen Outridge has been translating for over 30 years in English and French. She is from the Province of Quebec and understands the communication process for businesses dealing in Quebec. To learn more about Outridge Translation Services or to get a quote on your next project visit their website at

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