Lapin de Pâques is French for Easter Bunny

Lapin de Pâques is French for Easter Bunny

You possibly have been seeing these cute little critters all around you this weekend. “Lapin de Pâques” is French for Easter Bunny and has been at the forefront of news over the Easter weekend. Easter egg hunts and movies about Easter Bunnies have been happening in local parks and all over television.

Easter Bunnies

If you are wondering what Easter Eggs are called in French then “ oeufs de Pâques” is the word you’re looking for. I am sure you have had baskets of these around if you have children or maybe like me you have had your share of chocolate over the weekend.

If you want to teach your kids French at the same time as they enjoy the Holiday then start with what they enjoy such as oeufs de Pâques. You get to learn a new language, play with the kids, and eat chocolate all at the same time. What could be better?

Joyeuses Pâques (Happy Easter)

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