How Can Chicken Help You Learn French?

How Can Chicken Help You Learn French?

Learning another language can be a daunting task and takes dedication and patience. If you travel often then you may be learning French for work, to communicate better with family, or just to eat. That’s why learning the word “Poulet” should be one of the first words you learn.

If you’re starting to learn a language like French there is a lot to learn. You have to learn vocabulary, sentence structure, and the dialect of the area. Quebec has many words which have been modified over time and are now a blend of English and French translation. So it will take time to learn the language and the specifics of the region. Learning key words that you will use regularly is a good way to increase your vocabulary because you will see them on a daily basis.


When my husband was learning to speak French he learned common words first such hello, thank you, you’re welcome, and chicken (Poulet). As a truck driver he ate in truck stops across Quebec regularly and since he likes chicken learning the word “Poulet” meant he could at least recognize that on the menu and be able to order a meal. Once he knew he was getting chicken he was able to start learning the names of the other sides that came with the meal. This helped him order a meal for others once in a truckstop in Quebec, he said he saved them from starvation but that might have been a bit of a stretch. Check out that story here!

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The fastest way to increase your vocabulary is to learn words you will use everyday first and build up your knowledge from there. Once you have some vocabulary you can start working on sentence structure and other nuances of learning a language. Learn the basics first, good luck.

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Carmen Outridge owns Outridge Translation Services offering English to French translation services for those operating in the Province of Quebec. She has been in the translation industry for over 30 years and is from the Province of Quebec. If you have documents you need translated then visit and have your translation completed the way Quebec expects it.

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