End Your Day with a Stunning Sunset-Le Coucher du Soleil

One of my favourite parts of the day are watching the sun set in the evening. It is amazing how much one sunset can mean to so many people depending on where they are at the time and the state of mind they are in when they see it. Orange sky sunset

“Sunset” in French is “ le coucher du soleil” and is used in other versions such as “le coucher” meaning sunset, or “la vieillesse” which is a variation of old age, sunset, older. The first one is normally used in the Province of Quebec.

Sunsets or “le coucher du soleil” are amazing all over the World and can produce a calming affect for those watching this amazing transformation of the sky. I find it best viewed with a glass of wine and that special someone. Locations don’t seem to matter when it comes to seeing stunning sunsets. I have seen amazing sunsets in the Caribbean, over the hills of Quebec, or on the balcony of my home. They all represent something special. So I hope you get the chance to view a stunning sunset wherever you are and know that the sunset you see today will never be replicated exactly the same tomorrow. That is why I try to catch the sunset everyday. It’s like watching a master artist paint!

About the Author

Outridge Translation Services offers English / French translation services for customers communicating in the Province of Quebec. With over 30 years experience in translating documents and presentations for clients big and small she understands the dialect of Quebec.

Carmen Outridge is originally from Quebec and is fully bilingual. She has owned her own translation business for many years and loves to travel to the Caribbean. You can learn more about Outridge Translation Services at www.outridgetranslation.com

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