How you translate is as important as what you translate!

In the translation world one of the most important parts of finding the right person or company to translate your documents is to find the proper dialect for the region you are translating for. This is very important to make sure that the message is understood for that area. As mentioned in previous articles the language of French can encompass different slangs and dialects from Europe to Canada. Making sure you are understood is as much as knowing the slang of the region to knowing the type of people in the region.

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Knowing the people in the region is knowing the audience of the document you may be translating. Translating a document into corporate legalize when it is going to blue collar workers may not be the best translation and will normally confuse the end reader. Even advertising work can fail to relay the message if the audience it is meant to address doesn’t understand the ad. Everyone speaks differently and that also goes for translators whether in person or on paper. When searching out a person for your translation projects it is important to find people that can translate your documents for the audience you are working with, if not you may have a translated document, but it may as well be in the original language. No one will understand you.

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Carmen Outridge has been in the translation industry for over 25 years and not only specializes in translation for the Province of Quebec but originally comes from the region. For more information on Outridge Translation Services please visit

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