What’s in a Translation?

People often come to us and wonder why our translation business works so well? We are not cheaper than our competitors, we are not a large team of translators, and we focus on certain types of translation such as technical and general correspondence. There is a reason we work in this way and don’t just hire all kinds of people to complete our translation projects. As much as translation can be for business and formal it can also be personal and intimate. It may be a message from the largest company in the Province, but it may be read by a single resident in that same Province, so it can be a delicate mix to get the message correct so that all are happy. Communication is muddied many times by legal wording, complicated terms, or unusual product names. add translation that is not familiar to the area meant to read the message and it brings in a whole new host of problems.

This is why we have remained the size that we have and keep the translation division small, we want that connection with the end user while remaining true to the corporate clients that we work with. This best works with a hands on approach to translation, not just picking the word that pops up first, but digging a little deeper to find the word that truly connects with the reader. This delicate balance only works with knowing the region that the translation will be going to and also understanding the message required by the sender. This comes from experience,dealing with technical products, and understanding the dialect of the province of Quebec. So the next time you are looking for a translator make sure you ask about their background, their experience, their expertise, but most important their investigative nature. Those are the things that will give you the best translation for your product or service.

About the Author

Carmen Outridge has been in the translation industry for over 25 years. She comes from the Province of Quebec and has been dealing with customers large and small throughout her career. To learn more about Carmen and Outridge Translation Services please visit her website at www.outridgetranslation.com

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