Quebec Regulations

It’s Not Where You Market, But Where You Are Located!

Social media has changed the world in many ways. It has connected people who have often lost touch with each other, it has helped businesses reach markets on a larger scale, and it has helped people have a laugh as they watch the world from an outside view. One thing many of us don’t understand […]

What’s in a Translation?

People often come to us and wonder why our translation business works so well? We are not cheaper than our competitors, we are not a large team of translators, and we focus on certain types of translation such as technical and general correspondence. There is a reason we work in this way and don’t just […]

Is Quebec Changing Your Business?

Will the new Quebec election make translation services even more important? Bill 101 is the Language Bill of Quebec supporting the importance of French. Now that a new party has been elected there are rumblings about changing Bill 101 to create an even stronger French culture. Where this catches business is the fact that the […]

Advertising to the Quebec Market

Many companies that start doing business in the Province of Quebec start to have problems in their advertising even when they try to do it correctly. For instance many already know that the information on any such material needs to be in French, the official language of Quebec. What many don’t realize is that another […]

The Language Rights of Quebec

If your business deals with the Province of Quebec there are some things you need to know before plunging into that area. Quebec is the French Province in Canada and has its own official language which is French. When dealing with companies in the Province you need to make sure you have taken steps to […]

The Pitfalls of Online Translator

Often times a translator will give you the exact equivalent of the words written as opposed to giving you a more conversational and accepted sentence.  This can result in French that sounds broken or foolish.  The reality is, while online translator can be helpful, it’s never as helpful as human translation. When you need to […]

Doing business in La Belle Province

Doing business in la belle province, namely Québec is a little different than the rest of Canada.  When companies are dealing with the Québec market it must be done in French.  Everything that they provide must be done in the official language of the province.  Reason being, it’s the law! They are protected by the […]