Is Quebec Changing Your Business?

Will the new Quebec election make translation services even more important? Bill 101 is the Language Bill of Quebec supporting the importance of French. Now that a new party has been elected there are rumblings about changing Bill 101 to create an even stronger French culture. Where this catches business is the fact that the laws may change and if your business has been dealing in the Quebec market for a number of years those changes may come as a shock or without notice.

Recently we were on a trip through Quebec and Old Montreal. There are a number of laws and regulations changing from the entertainment district, to the schools, and now the language and culture. This is something that businesses dealing with Quebec will have to watch carefully as the tables are starting to turn. Every new Party wants to make their mark and that can change your business operations in a heartbeat. Keeping in touch with your translation company may be one of the best things you can do to safe guard your business.

About the Author

Carmen Outridge has been in the translation business for over 25 years. A Quebec native herself she understands the way of life in the Province. For more information on her translation business please visit her website at

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