Quebec Turns Down the Separatists

Recently Quebec had an election and certain parties who have tried in the past to separate the Province of Quebec from the rest of Canada tried to win the election and complete that task. They lost again as they have in the past with the lowest rating in the history of the party. A strong message was sent showing Quebec wants to belong to the rest of Canada and they should.
You will find all different views on this subject, but even those that don’t have anything to do with Quebec don’t want to see a Country divided. My Spouse and I were discussing this same subject last night and even though we have different views on the outcome we were actually both on the same side. His view was that the language should be expanded even more into the rest of Canada as it opens up so many doors for Canadians and the future. In Quebec many residents don’t embark outside of the Province due to language barriers. If you go to Florida you will see little communities where everyone is speaking French only. Many of us living in Canada can see the benefit of having a second language as it would assist in expanding our markets in that area.
Separatists want to live inside that bubble that has them stay to their own, when in reality they would be expanding their presence by stepping out and engaging the rest of Canada and the world. Just like a business sometimes it is necessary to market to a new area to increase market share. For the Province of Quebec to be better known it is important that they market their benefits outside of Quebec so we all know the beauty of the people and the Province. So don’t be like the Separatists of Quebec and hide in shell when you may have a whole new world waiting for you in new markets in the Province of Quebec. Embrace that new culture and have your business soar with a new audience.
About the Author
Carmen Outridge is the owner of Outridge Translation Services offering translation services in French and English. She has over 25 years of experience in the business and understands the unique dialect of Quebec. To learn more about Outridge Translation Services please visit the company website at

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