The Power of Human Translation

Many times in the translation world you don’t hear feedback from customers on their translation work. That is because often the client can’t read the translated documents and as long as there are no complaints from their customers everyone is happy. Over the years we have heard of people claiming to be French translators only to find out that they are using dialect familiar to the European style French and it loses it’s punch when delivered in Quebec. One of our clients had a presentation from a European French presenter to a Quebec French audience, the presentation was so hard to understand French to French that the presenter was asked to present in English. translation-blog-header.jpg

Recently I was at a networking function and a person commented that he had seen my translation work completed for one of his clients and was told it was very good. He wanted to know what program I used as his client had tried an online program that was suppose to be very good and could not get results event close to what my translation program had achieved. Before saying anything I pointed to my head. His puzzled look told me he didn’t understand what I meant so I let him off the hook by telling him I don’t use a program and use human translation. I went on to say I use dictionaries, but translate based on my knowledge of the Province of Quebec and the way they speak. Human translation will always win over the computer generated programs solely because of the way the original sentences are entered and the fact that the computer offers literal translation.

I don’t know whether we will gain a new client through the conversation, but it was sure nice to receive the compliment that very often is by-passed in the world of translation. It is also good to know that staying with human translation as our method of translating documents is standing up to the fast moving world of technology.

About the Author
Carmen Outridge is a professional translator and owner of Outridge Translation Services. She has been translating documents for over 30 years professionally. To learn more about Outridge Translation Services please visit their website at

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