A Covid Christmas

Apparently 2020 is going to stay troublesome right to the end. Back in March we thought Easter would be the only Holiday compromised and here we are approaching Christmas and we are still canceling Holidays. As I talk with family and friends in Quebec we are all trying to figure out how to celebrate for the Holidays.

My husband and I normally travel at this time of year, but that has been set aside for this year. We haven’t been home for Christmas for over a decade and now that we are staying home people want us over, but we can’t due to Covid.

In Quebec they are trying to keep the Holiday Season open with some creative rules but in talking with family they have all but given up trying to figure out how to have Christmas. It gets too complicated and with constant changes to gathering limits no one is able to make plans. Maybe we should hold the gathering in a work environment. That way we could have up to 10 people.

They will have to come up with rules fast or everyone will just break them as they feel. We are all trying to follow protocols but they have to make sense and it seems that the Government is changing their minds on a whim instead of having a consistent plan people can work with.

Carmen Outridge-Outridge Translation Services

I personally will be switching to baking mode. Baking and cooking some of those favourite recipes from Quebec that I remember from years gone by is a passion of mine. It looks like a Zoom Christmas is in the works and I am already deep into Christmas movies and music. Do your best to make this time special even in the midst of a pandemic. It looks like everyone will be asking for the same thing this year, I wonder what a vaccine looks like wrapped under the tree?

Have a Merry Covid Christmas Everyone, Joyeux Noel

About the Author

Carmen Outridge is the owner of Outridge Translation Services and has been translating documents between English and French for over 30 years. Carmen is from Eastern Townships part of Quebec and understands the language and dialect of Quebec. To learn more about Outridge Translation Services or to get help with your next project visit www.outridgetranslation.com

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